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Slate Tier

The Slate Tier panels are a dark black in colour with hints of rust, adding to the panel’s authentic appearance. Ideal for modern, contemporary designs.

The unique design of Tier walling panels can be used for any application such as standard flat wall features, internal corners or external corners.

Tier Slate is available to buy here in a multi-pack. The concept of the multi-pack is to have everything you need in a box to build a dry stone wall, whether corners are required or not. The multi-pack system can achieve an extremely natural finish to corners with rock faced return ends, giving an organic and authentic feel.

One box consists of:

2no Type A - 517mm wide x 215mm high x 35-45mm deep panels

1no Type B - 317mm wide x 215mm high x 35-45mm deep panel

1no Type C - 200mm wide x 215mm high x 35-45mm deep panel

Each box = 0.33m2

Both ends are returned on each panel

Images of the piece types can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Please set the quantity required for each option and press add to basket


Method of Construction

Traditional Build Method

Tier Panel System can be attached to a new or existing concrete or blockwork structure using our approved Tier Panel Flexible Adhesive.

Traditional Build Method

Traditional Build Method

Timber Frame Method

Tier Panel System can now be fitted to our approved Building Board which is screwed to a Timber Frame Structure therefore eliminating the need for a structural wall.

Timber Frame Method

Timber Frame Method

Steel Frame Method

By fully embracing modern methods of construction the steel frame method offers optimised building solutions that deliver significant environmental and commercial benefits, without compromise to the functional or aesthetic integrity of the project.

Steel Frame Method

Steel Frame Method


Intallation Guidelines

1. Preparation

1.1 Whether fitting TIER Panels to standard block work or TIER Building Board it is essential that all substrates must be suitable to receive TIER Panel Systems as per current good working practices. All substrates should be clean and thoroughly sound; they should be free from standing water, oils, grease, dust, loose particles or any other contaminants which may interfere with adhesion.

1.2 Check the height of the area to be clad, as its best practice to have any horizontal cuts below ground level where possible, so therefore measure the height required and then divide the height of the wall by the height of one panel, once you know how many rows are needed, multiply the number of rows by the height of one panel to get the position for the first row. Then temporarily fix a wooden lathe to the bottom as a starting guide leaving the correct distance for full panels to be fitted right to the top with no cuts.

2. Materials / Tools

2.1 TIER Flexible Adhesive should be added to clean water and mixed with a suitable forced actionmixer or slow speed drill and paddle until a slump free mortar is produced approx. 5L water / 20kg adhesive. The mixed adhesive is usable for up to 5 hours depending on site temperature and conditions. Do not add extra water as this will cause a loss in performance.

2.2 Coverage is approximately 45m2 per 20kg bag and is subject to the quality and finish of the block work. Working time is approximately 10-20 minutes at normal room temperatures and sets in 23 hours.

2.3 Where necessary a rubber mallet may be used to tap the Panels into place, do not use aclub hammer as this will damage the material. Make sure to keep each row level and the joints clean.

2.3 If required the panels can cut using a wet saw (preferable) or a 9” Grinder with a diamond blade.

3. Installation

3.1 The mixed adhesive should be applied to dry areas using a notched trowel and applied by solidbed on wet areas. Panels should be placed with a firm twisting action before the adhesive hasskinned over, i.e. within the open time.

3.2 Do not ’Dot and Dab’ as this is not a recommended method of application, both panel andwall must have 100% coverage as explained below.

3.3 Cement based products will take longer to harden and set at lower temperatures and shouldnot be used below 5 degrees celcius. As explained do not ’Dot and Dab’ but rather “butter” the back of each panel using a small trowel to ensure maximum (100%) coverage of the adhesive. (Insufficient coveragecan cause air pockets and weakness where the adhesive is not properly applied)

3.4 When placing the panels to the wall make sure that all joints are kept clean and freefrom adhesive as this will only highlight the joints.

3.5 If required use a rubber mallet to tap the panels into the adhesive making sure they arecompletely bedded in all areas.

4. Fixing

4.1 Where fixings are required, TIER Fixing System has been developed to ensure a fast and securesolution.

4.2 After the Panel is fixed to the wall with the adhesive, mark where you want the fixing to goand then using a 5” Grinder cut a 3mm slot in the panel to allow the S/S Fixing to slide in, you must recess the fixing into the panel as the panel on top must still fit tight with no joint, markthe hole for the S/S. hammer in fixing, and drill a suitable hole, place the bracket once again into the prepared slot and secure it to the wall using the hammer in fixing.

5. Care & Maintenance

5.1 As TIER Panel System is made from Natural Stone it doses not require any chemicals or sealants to enhance the beauty or colour. If required you can wash the finished wall with warm water about 24 hours after installation is complete.

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Slate Tier Panel Walling System

Slate Tier Panel Walling System

Black Slate

Black Slate

Type A - 517mm wide x 215mm high

Type A - 517mm wide x 215mm high

Type B - 317mm wide x 215mm high

Type B - 317mm wide x 215mm high

Type C - 200mm wide x 215mm high

Type C - 200mm wide x 215mm high


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